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Classical Photo Frame

Empty Frame Classic Antique Victorian SilverEmpty Frame Classic Antique Victorian SilverEmpty Frame Classic Antique Victorian Silver
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Empty Frame Classic Antique Victorian

Classic Antique White Victorian framed mirror is a signature piece when it comes to ornate mirrors
This is the original Victorian reproduction frame that launched us into the world of ornate framed mirrors way back in 1988.
An ideal frame for a traditional still life or a portrait and not to mention as a framed mirror.

Classical Photo Frame, French Antique Photo Frame, A simple-looking antique frame is a convenient, beautiful, and practical accessory in the interior of your home or office. This decoration on your wall, if you consider the fact that the eyes of your loved ones will look at you from it, will give your soul warm feelings. The frame consists of a solid wooden base, background, and transparent acryl glass that doesn’t hide any of the smallest details of your photo.

  • Personalized Photo Frame
  • Picture Frame
  • Personalized Picture Frame
  • 5th Anniversary Gift
  • Wedding Gift
  • Wedding Frame
  • Couples Gift
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  1. Go natural with beautiful or raw moldings.
  2. Create a sleek style with synthetic moldings.
  3. Get fancy with ornate, gold, or silver moldings.

Making molding in Australia

Having a major manufacturer making moldings right here in Australia also means it is possible for virtually any framer to run their Own molding. A custom run molding could be commissioned to suit a particular artist or a large commercial job. In addition, one of the biggest benefits to making molding in Australia is that the reaction time to a special need is only a fraction of what it would be if you were to source it overseas.

Ornate, Gold or Silver Moulding

Your favorite pictures deserve to be shown with only the best molding. Choose a traditional black mold, or go all-out with an embossed silver option. You can even choose an ornate mold with a rope or leaf pattern embossed